Because our offer concerns Space and Aeronautic industries

and research laboratories, we do think that a high level of services has to be applied for a safe transportation.

Because in your industries:

  • Goods are highly sensitive and often unique irreplaceable items.

  • The real value of the transport good far exceeds to usual transport liability.

  • Transport is part of the production chain where schedules have to be respected.


As a qualified provider, Route To Space Alliance purchases a complete transport service through a high service level in order to transport safely your equipment!

Our Engagements

General: Route To Space Alliance ensures and guarantees that:

All provided means

are in perfect condition, duly certified,
updated and safe for use.

All applicable standards

are respected (ISO, ADR, IATA, etc...).

All our employees:

⋅have basic training
⋅have specific training where and when needed
⋅have valid licenses
⋅are experienced in their functions,
    in particular with respect to :
      ⋅high value cargo
      ⋅oversized cargo
⋅respect applicable standards

Our transports

are made in accordance with European rules concerning drivers driving and rest hours.

Our transports

cannot be subcontracted to a Company which is not member of the Alliance.

We meet the deadlines

and deliver goods in due time.