Celebrating the Launch of the Route To Space!

Time for a party as we celebrate the opening of our new Route To Space Alliance headquarters!

Route To Space New HQ

Created in 1948, in the center of the city of Toulouse, Chabrillac Transport settled at ZI de VIC F – 31320 Castanet Tolosan at the beginning of the 70s, where thanks, among others, to the closeness of two leading players or the spatial industry, the CNES and MMS/ASTRIUM/AIRBUS DS, they developed their road transport services for the spatial and aeronautical industry. Especially for these industries Chabrillac refined their Special Transport services providing specialist vehicles for oversized cargoes, often with big dimensions.

As time passed and the business grew the headquarters was no longer suitable for accommodating these cargoes and at the beginning of 2010s Chabrillac began to seek a new depot to allow for the continuing expansion of the business. A one hectare ground was found and bought, close to the highway, only a kilometer away from the previous site. With a new office building, as well as a storage zone for the specialist equipment. With the new depot the proximity to the main sites of the spatial industry : CNES – INTESPACE – AIRBUS DS and even THALES ALENIA SPACE was preserved.

These new premises also provided the head office of the European Route To Space Alliance, five highly established hauliers from across Europe Chabrillac, Collett Group, Friderici Special, Hermann Paule and WeiLa Transporte.

On the evening of 18th May, more than 100 people, French and European clients and partners gathered together to celebrate the inauguration of this new headquarters and the presentation of the new European Route To Space Alliance and its members. Providing entertainment for the evening, Chanbrillac, sponsor of the “Grenier de Toulouse”, presented the first “TRISTAN et YVETTE”, show from the theatre troupe which was fantastically received by all. After the performance and the laughter, the good mood continued throughout the evening. As the night drew to a close one guest commented: “Tonight there were two firsts for me: a theater show in a carrier premises and the use of several European languages in one event!”

We cultivate our difference!

Route To Space New Headquarters

Route To Space Alliance

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Route To Space Alliance SAS, ZA de VIC, 4 Route des Transports, F-31320 Castanet Tolosan, France.