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Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer

Over a period of two years Hermann Paule utilised their specialist girder frame trailer to perform several projects transporting the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer across Europe from its manufacturing base in Switzerland. 

Route To Space

An international $1.8 Billion experiment, the AMS-02 is a particle physics module designed to measure antimatter in cosmic rays and search of evidence of dark matter.

After several movements across Europe the module was required to make the final stage of the project from CERN to Geneva Airport. Hermann Paule completed the transportation of the module, which had to be cooled en-route to approximately -120°C to protect the delicate cargo. Once on site at Geneva Airport the delicate cargo was safely delivered utilising specialist hoist and lifting techniques in preparation for onward transport. From Geneva Airport the module was transported by the US Air Force directly to Cape Canaveral by a C-5M Super Galaxy Aircraft.

With the last flight of the Space Shuttle Endeavour in May 2011 the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer was safely delivered to the International Space Station, by April 2015 AMS-02 had recorded over 60 billion cosmic ray events.

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