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Boeing Aerospace

From point of manufacture in Augsburg, WeiLa Transport were appointed to transport five 3 tonne wooden crates containing Boeing Aeronautical parts and components.

Route To Space

The crates were loaded to open semi flat-bed trailers and open plateau trailers for the journey from Augsburg to Munich Airport where they would be loaded to a chartered aircraft. 

Having produced a detailed transport plan in liaison with Munich Airport authorities and local Police, WeiLa utilised three trucks and two BF3 Escort Vehicles to manoeuvre the cargoes the short distance to the airfield.

With a chartered aircraft waiting airside to export the components directly to the United States of America WeiLa delivered each of the five cargoes on a just-in-time basis as were required.  Employing expert transportation skills each of the loads navigated the airfield and manoeuvred each of the five cargos to the side of the awaiting aircraft. 

All five cargoes were safely loaded to the aircraft and flown to the production site in the USA.

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