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SYLDA Containers

Undertaking specialist logistics for the aerospace industry Hermann Paule were challenged with providing transport solutions for Ariane 5's SYLDA (Système de Lancement Double Ariane) Containers destined for the south of Germany.

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The delicate cargoes were not only oversized but also featured vibration detectors which would require expert planning to ensure clearance throughout and to avoid any shocks along the route. Utilising a specialist trailer from their fleet Hermann Paule were able to raise the bed of the trailer up to 150cm allowing the cargo to oversail potential snagging issues such as guard rails, bridge rails and other street furniture throughout the journey. Negotiating several small villages and secondary roads the cargo safely made the journey and arrived in the South of Germany for delivery.

SYLDA along with SPELTRA are structures of Ariane 5 which allow duel satellite launches.  Both elements are attached at the top of the upper stage and are enclosed within the payload faring.  During the flight the upper satellite is separated from the SPELTRA/SYLDA before the structure is jettisoned in preparation for the deployment of the second satellite.

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